Pallet Racks to Save space in Your Warehouse

As a small business that holds inventory, storage space is always a concern especially in this tough economy. That is why you must use your storage space wisely – it should hold as much as possible while still remaining safe. The best way to do that is to use pallet racks. They are an affordable solution that allows you to maximize on your storage area while at the same time ensuring that everything is safely out of the way. Instead of having everything at the floor level, you get to utilize your vertical space as well.


The one thing that is not stressed enough when it comes to pallet racks is just how safe they make storage areas. So long as they hold the recommended capacity or less, they are able to stand on their own because they are made of sturdy material and they have a wide base. In fact, just to be sure that they are completely safe, you can have them fixed to the floor. The inventory that is on higher shelves can be accesses using a forklift. That said, it is very important that all employees follow safety rules every time they are in the storage area. Pallet racking also provides convenience – it is much easier to access inventory and work moves along faster because the storage process is mechanized.

Your storage area needs to be organized in order to increase efficiency and pallets can do that for you. You can arrange inventory by type, name or whatever other organization method you prefer. When everything is in order employees are able to find items faster which in turn increases productivity.

There are many kinds of pallets in the market and you may be wondering which ones are best for your business. The best way to buy is to find pallet racks for sale – there are many online. When you have a wide selection to choose from it can be a little confusing but the main idea is to choose a brand that has a reputation for being sturdy. Pallets come in many different materials but steel is by far the best – you can be sure that it will hold the weight of your inventory and steel pallets last many, many years. Lastly, and this is very important, you must always ensure that your pallets never hold more than the recommended weight limit. All employees who work in the storage area must know what that limit is so that they can adhere to it.

Pallet Racks for Sale

Pallet Racks for Sale

Pallet Racks for Sale

When it comes to warehouses and storage areas there is hardly anything that can beat the pallet rack; they are the easiest way to organize inventory and items that are used everyday in the manufacturing process. The best place to buy pallet racks, especially if you are buying a large number of them, is in a pallet rack sale.

If you look carefully in the right places you will find that manufactures usually sell off remaining stocks at reduced prices. That said, you shouldn’t just buy any pallet racks that you find. There are certain things to take into account if you want only the best:

Look for damage because in some cases manufacturers will offer items on sale because they are either damaged in storage or may have manufacturing defects. You cannot afford to have a damaged pallet rack as that is an accident waiting to happen. Look carefully at each rack that you buy to make sure that you get only those that are not damaged.

Look for pallet racks that are made of strong material. There are many different materials that are used to make racks but not all of them are as strong as they should be. Because you want your pallets to last for years without needing to be replaced.

Installation is another thing that you should take into account. Pallet racks usually have to be assembled and the fact that you are buying them in a sale might mean that the vendor cannot do installation for you. If this happens you should get someone who is familiar with pallet rack assembly to do it for you. If your pallets are not assembled right there is a good chance that they will come crashing down, causing losses and injuries.

The size of the pallets also matters. You don’t want to buy pallet racks that take up a lot of room in your storage area. Once installed they should leave enough room for people and forklifts to move around with ease.

It makes sense to buy pallet racks that can be made taller by stacking additional components and that can also be made wider. This is because as your storage needs increase you will need more pallet racks.

Although you may not find them in a sale it is a good idea to buy any accessories that you may need. Pallet rack accessories usually include things like row spacers and mesh decking.

It is not a good idea to buy pallet racks online especially if you are buying from big retailers. You should be able to see the racks in person to determine how strong they are. If you absolutely have to buy online make sure that they come with a return policy just in case.

If the deal looks too good to be true it probably is. You may find pallet racks that go for very little money; don’t just buy them because they are cheap. Inspect them to make sure that they are sturdy.

Pallets racks for sale are an excellent way to save money but you have to use the tips provided here to make sure that you get the right ones.

Pallet racking is one of the most preferred storage solutions

pallet rackingsdifferent variations of pallet racking, they all allow for the storage of palletized materials horizontally with at multiple levels.

Types of Pallet Rack Systems

? Drive-In Drive-Through

DriveInDriveThruThese are pallet rack configurations that basically allow the forklift to drive into the lane of the stacked rows.? They use a common entry and exit facility. There might be different variations of both drive-in and drive-through racking systems. Since drive-in racking systems feature one entrance, they make use of what is referred to as the last in, first out (LIFO) storage method.? On the other hand, a drive-through storage system with two entry points can used a first in first out (FIFO) storage system.

Push-Back Pallet Rack System

These ones are designed based on the principle of organizing storage space by depth as opposed to width.? The depth storage helps to reduce aisle space and also increases the storage density.? In this type of configuration, every bay can be stacked up to six pallets high.

Pallet Flow Systems

Pallet racking might not be effective without the use of a pallet flow system. This is a pallet storage system which uses depth in order to increase capacity.? The system makes use of a slightly inclined rail that has rollers which allow pallets to easily move along the sloped plane.? That is why they are also referred to as dynamic flow or gravity flow systems.

How Should You Choose Pallet Racking?

Pallet racks have become the backbone of most warehouse operations.? They are used to transport goods and ensure that they are packaged for storage or for shipping purposes.? Pallets also ensure that the goods are secure during storage and transport and protect them from damage.

When you are choosing a pallet racking, there are many factors which you will have to consider. These include:

  • You need to ensure that the rack is sturdy and durable.? Durable racking can endure the test of time and can service to you for a longer period of time.
  • You need to make sure that the racks are large enough to store the necessary amount of pallets.? It should also feature openings that make it easy to remove and add more pallets.
  • Additionally, you also need to figure out if you can adjust the size of the pallet.? This is a feature that you need to consider since it will help you to know if the racking can work for different sizes of pallets.
  • Last but not least, the pallet racks you are choosing also need to be easy to assemble and install.

Generally, Pallet racks are of great essence in most modern warehouses, retail centers, manufacturing facilities, and many other storage and distribution centers.